Add a changelog to any database

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Arckive is a tool that can be added to any database to log all events
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An easy and secure solution

Scales indefinitely with your database
Flexible developer focused API for querying all events and metadata
Import/Export all of your data anytime
Obfuscation of secure information, like social security numbers
Customizable metadata to attach to events, like user id, ip address

A changelog allows you to

Visualize History
Add a visual version history to any user interface
Chart Change
Chart the historical movement of any attribute retroactively
Revert Records
Roll back any record to any point in time

See how it can be helpful

Customer Success
A user of your app has their profile hacked, and now all the attributes are wrong, and they can't remember what they were before.
You tell the customer,
"No worries, we reset your profile to the way it was 3 days ago."
- Made possible through Arckive's rollback feature
Your VP of Sales wants to know how pipeline and stage conversion rates have changed over time time
You can query the historical change of stage and chart conversion rates over time.
- Made possible by querying Arckive changes to stage
Multiple members of the team update counts of products in the warehouse. You notice there are way too many chairs.
You start your investigation by checking the changelog and seeing Mike was the last to edit the count.
- Made possible by querying Arckive changes
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